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Having more than 1,200 installations worldwide, Solpac has never stopped implementing new concepts and has focused to develop the most economical, yet efficient solutions for broad variety of packaging requirements in any field.

All Solpac machines feature uncompromising quality, rugged construction, and true value for money that is backed up by our corporate policy of Quality, Creativity, and Continual Product Development.

We are a fast growing company, flexible to any requirements, making quick decisions to benefit our customers. We are dedicated to your success. We appreciate your business.





1996      Corporation founded as Sejin Precision Works Co. in Seoul, Korea

1998      Started building international sales network

2001      Acquisition of ISO 9001/2000 (Quality Management System)

2004      Appointed to a Venture Business Company by the Government

2005      Company name changed to Solpac Company Limited


2006      AcquisitionCertifiedas CleanofCE WorkcertificatePlace(sachetfrom thepackagingMinistermachine)ofLabor

 Appointed to a Inno-Biz (Innovative Business) enterprise by the Government

2007      Appointed to a Promising Export Firm by the Government

2008      Awarded $1MIL Export Tower by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

2009      Received a Presidential Commendation for Superior Capital Goods from the Government

2010      Opened an affiliated Research & Development center

2011      Acquisition of CE certificate (rotary pouch filler)

Awarded $3MIL Export Tower by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

2013      Factory moved to Ansan Smart Hub (Ansan, Gyeonggi-do)

 Received Exporting Section Award from Small & Medium Business Admistration Awarded $5MIL Export Tower by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy