Horizontal Form Fill Seal

We presents a new flagship model of high speed horizontal pillow packaging machine. We brushed up the basic characteristics of packaging machines and produced a safe and secure machine that is easier to understand and use than previous models. It greatly reduces the labor done by the operator by automatically calculating the necessary numerical values just by entering the basic information of the product you want to wrap.

High Speed Machine Wrapping

Standard Specifications


10 - 800 packs/min (according to spec)

Cut Off Length

Up to 60mm - 450mm
(according to spec.)

Product Size

Width up to 60mm - 250mm
Heigh up to 30 - 100mm (according to spec)

Largest Film Width

Film width up to 450mm - 650mm
Outside diameter up to 300mm (according to spec)

Application :

Mainly used for packing various regular and solid products such as Biscuits, Wafer, Moon-cake, Bread, Instant Noodle, Candy, Medicine, Daily necessities, Hardwares, and electrics, Case box, or any product attached with tray.

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