Vertical Form Fill Seal

The latest vertical pillow packaging machine, capacity and sealing performance increased with a number of new systems. Lineup includes a variety of models, such as vertical form fill seal which is optimal for products that may break easy from short distance drops, Vertical form fill seal which is optimal for wet products that use stainless steel and light alloys in their main parts, wide specification Vertical form fill seal, and 3-way sealing specifications.

High Speed Machine Wrapping

Standard Specifications


Max. 100 packs/min (according to spec)

Bag Size

Width up to 70mm - 260mm
Length up to 50 - 350mm (according to spec)

Film Roll

Film width up to 545mm
Outside diameter up to 370mm (according to spec)

Application :

Mainly used for Chocolate, candy, arare, karinto, snack foods, frankfurters, mochi, instant coffee, cocoa, flour, powdered milk, Specification may vary according to application, and the right is reserved to make changes without notice.

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