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A pleasant-tasting product is offered to you by processing good quality raw materials with expertise and precision. Undertaking the mission of delivering exquisite products, Indotech Asia  makes a strong expression with its performance beyond expectations.

It is the high-speed  main mixer to make thinning process of chocolate and cooker candy 

Enrober & Cooling tunnel

Enrobing machine is designed for coating the products with cocolin ( compound chocolate ) or tempered chocolate. for the Cooling Tunnel is suitable with chocolate drop line,  it serves as cooling system for the product enrobed or chocolate drops.

drayer,Cold & Hot Storage System

A specialist in various stages of food processing : freezing, cooling, pasteurization, leavening, cooking and handling.

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We support every possible Packing need with our various model structures and an abundant line up. We provide total systems, including line designs with each and every machine made to match our customers’ product.

Can be wrap for Instant Noodles, Sweet Bread, Snack, Wafer, Cookies, Dorayaki, Candy , Chocolate.

Can be wrap for Chocolate, Candy, Snack Foods, Instant Coffee, Cocoa, Flour, Powdered milk.

Can be wrap for the Sauce, Fresh vegetable / Fruit, Meat, Powder, Granule, Pasta, Liquid detergent, Strips/ Sachets/ Stick.

Can be filling for Vegetable oil, Mineral water, Detergent, Sauce, Ketchup, and other beverage, Medicine.

Hygienic and food products are handled very  gently, flexible like human hands it creates optimize packing schemes.

Can be used for products such as Snack, Chips (Potato Chips, Cassava Chips), Chocolate, Candy, Biscuits, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Food.

Laser Printer/ Marker

Hight-speed marking over 700 cps, 

Support for a wide range of applications

Freedom of installation

Convenient operation 

Can be label for polygon bottles, square bottles and round bottles, single side or double-side labeling on round/square bottles automatically.

automation Warehouse

We can do for Logistics Center, Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), Transportation Systems, Pricking Systems, Sorting System and Data Management system.

Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS)

Multi-storied, Pallet-type, Bucket-type, Free-size, AS/RS for large/heavy items, AS/RS for hazardous items Rack system 


Automated High-speed Transportation and Sorting Vehicle.

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ASRS / Automation Warehouse

Spiral cooling and transfer conveyor for bread

Automation Machine Packing

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