Automatic Multicheck Weigher

A plus has been introduced to the market since 2012 as the enhanced version of it’s previous entry level model. The key feature is the iconic Multicheck weigher modular control system, Modular control system each heads is control by an independent control unit, completely interchangeable and with no inter-connection or interference between different heads.

Multicheck Weigher

Standard Specifications

Weigh Heads

10 - 14/ heads (according to spec)

Max Speed

Up to 60wpm - 130wpm
(according to spec.)

Hopper Capacity

Up to 1,3L - 5L
 (according to spec)


plain, dimple, teflon (according to spec)

Application :

Tea packing, cannabis packing, vegetable packing, dried fruit packing, puffed food packing, candies packing, confectionary packing, meat packing, potato chips, fries packing, shrimps packing, preserved fruit packing, lentils packing, peanuts, almonds packing, beff jerky packing, red food, mixture nuts packing.

Automatic Multicheck Weigher

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